Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Current Status

Project Slumdogs is not doing anything currently.  Basically, the funds dried up.  Sometimes that happens.  While we were active we were able to get some good things done.  Look at the post below of Annie; that girl went from rags to riches!  

I'm leaving the blog up so anyone who stumbles upon it can see what can be done.  It starts with an idea.  Get a couple buddies, get busy, put up a blog or web site and spread the word.  Good deeds get people's attention very fast.

We may be back; you never know.  In the meantime, anyone is free to take this idea and run with in in their community.   

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Annie's Christmas

I've been meaning to post this fabulous photo of Annie with her new family.  It doesn't get any better!
This is why we in rescue do what we do.  It's a passion; a calling.  And we'll keep on doing it as long as there's one more dog or cat needing rescue. 

Monday, December 3, 2012

Guess who was finally adopted.....Annie!!!

We knew the day would arrive when the perfect home would come along for Annie.  Today was that day!

It's a well known fact that black dogs don't have the easiest time getting adopted.  Far too many don't even make it out of the shelters.   

Annie spent the better part of this year waiting in the most wonderful foster home.  She learned her manners and basic commands, was never ignored and always had enough food to eat.  This was a far cry from the life we rescued her from; at the end of a rope attached to a chain, in a garbage strewn dirty yard with barely a blade of grass in sight.  When we first saw her, back on Feb 25th, she had rope burns on the underside of her neck!  How well I remember our shock when we first saw this sweet dog, so utterly neglected. 

Back in February, the first step was getting Annie surrendered into rescue.  We couldn't find an available foster home so she had to go to the kennel.  But it's a nice kennel and at least she was safe & sound until a foster home was found. Then along came Kathy! Annie made the transition to being an inside dog, living in a home.  

Now, in her forever home there's a fenced back yard, children, loving parents and even a dog buddy.  Congratulations to Annie.  She deserves the best and from all accounts, she's got it! 

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Monroe's Proposed Animal Ordinance

A golden opportunity.........wasted. 

This is not the county, it's for the city of Monroe. Just published:

From the city's site: (my comments in red)
The City of Monroe Public Safety Committee will host an informational meeting regarding the proposed Dog Nuisance/Animal Abuse Ordinance on Wednesday, June 20, at 8 a.m. in the Monroe City Hall Council Chambers at 300 West Crowell Street.  AT 8am!!!  IS THIS A TYPO?  WHO HAS A MEETING AT 8AM???

The public will have the opportunity  to share any comments or concerns regarding the proposed ordinance during the meeting.
For more information regarding the meeting, or if special assistance is needed, please contact Pete Hovanec at (704) 282-4542.

If you are unable to attend the meeting but would like to comment on the ordinance, please send comments via e-mail to nmiller@monroenc.org, or by mail to: Nancy Miller, P.O. Box 69, Monroe, NC 28111.

About that 8am meeting on June 20th.  Was this a typo or done by design figuring nobody will show up?  

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Are Things Too Quiet?

I think so.  I haven't heard any news about new animal ordinances for the city of Monroe or even about any proposed changes.  Has anyone heard anything?

Personally I think anyone who would chain their dog 24/7 is lacking in either basic knowledge or compassion.  It's one or the other.  Some people truly don't know how cruel it is to chain a dog.  With others, it's definitely a lack of compassion.   Changes to the ordinances would take care of both.  The vast majority of people will obey the law.  For those who won't, well, there are laws to deal with them.

We need to stay on this.  The work we did was good, but if it ends there with no changes in the outdated ordinances, then what was the point?  

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Davidson BANS Tethering !!!!

Read all about it:

Here's a link to their animal control ordinances, all 46 pages!!!

I only did a quick read of the ordinances but they're well thought out.  Someone put some time into this.  If they can do it, so can Monroe.   All you need to do is copy theirs. 

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Lucky Pit Puppy

Remember the "air conditioner" puppies back when we first started? You can scroll back to the initial posts and see them.  It was horrible.  One pup made it into foster care and was adopted into a fabulous home.  Here she is today, in puppy class at Petsmart.  She's happy, healthy and a total sweetheart, just like all Pits would be if given a chance.

This little girl is learning her basic commands and is very social with other dogs and people.  There's not a mean bone in her body.  But then, she's not chained, not being used to fight, has been spayed and gets vet care when needed, lives inside the home, is fed good food and is truly loved.  Some might say it's amazing but it's not.  Treat a dog well and this is what you get.   

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

It's Time for Local Gov to Step Up to the Plate

As volunteers we've done about all we can do.  We've gotten over 30 dogs off their chains and into roomy kennels with proper doghouses.  
Many more are needed but unless the City of Monroe changes some laws, we're spinning our wheels.  The cycle will just continue.

Here's one area where help is needed:

Tarps are needed for the back of some of the kennels to give the dogs a way to get out of the sun when it gets too hot.  Many phone calls have done into Lowes about setting up an account for Project Slum Dogs so people can donate for these.  So far......crickets from Lowes.  They sure were there to take the estimated $30,000 for the kennels when our donor had a handy credit card.  But now when we need a little help from them.......silence.  This is not okay.

Suggestions for the City Council:
1. Pass a mandatory spay/neuter law.
2. Anyone breeding dogs having over 10 puppies/yearly should register with the City and pay a stiff fee for this "privilege".  
3. Pass a no tethering law.  Other cities have done it.  Why can't Monroe?
4. Keep the $26,000 you send to the county every year, for decades now, and use it to support your own Animal Control. 
5. Send Code Enforcement out and start citing the slumlords who are allowing their properties to look like something out of a third world country, unless this how you want Monroe to look. A lot of us are starting to wonder on this point. 

Over & out.  It's time for the city to do something! 

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

An Interesting Update

1. Did you know that 80 - 100 dogs & cats are taken every month from the city of Monroe to the county shelter?  That's a staggering number.  In fact, it looks like a vicious cycle: breed a litter, sell them or give them away in the community and finally the dog ends up at the county shelter.

2. While we're on the subject of the Union County shelter, the latest figures published by the state, for 2010, are very interesting. (A link to the full report is located in the sidebar)
Here are the numbers:
a.  Total number of cats & dogs taken in: 6208
                         Returned to owner       Adopted      Killed 
     Dogs: 2980        288                            610           1949 = 65%
     Cats:  3222          21                            241           2904 = > 90%

The combined kill rate at our county shelter is a staggering 78%.  I bet you wouldn't think it takes much money to kill so many pets, would you? Lets take a look at how much the county spent in 2010.  Again, this is per state records. 
Total operating expenses for the year: $1,060,747. 
That's a whopping $168.85 per pet.   
It doesn't cost that much to kill a pet.  Only about 10 counties in the entire state have a higher cost/pet.   What does this mean to the city of Monroe?  Considering that most of the dogs going from the city to the shelter are large dogs and many are Pits, it's safe to say that most are not being adopted.  They're being killed.  

What can Monroe do about this?  If the following were done the numbers of pets going from the city to the county shelter would decrease.  In the end, the city would save money.
1.  Revamp the city animal ordinances NOW.
2. Mandatory spay/neuter laws within the city.  When you have a local Humane Society willing to use grant money to do much of the spay/neutering for free, why is there no spay/neuter law?
3. If a household is going to have more then 15 puppies per year they must register as a breeder at a stiff cost paid to the city.
4. Pass a ban on tethering; other communities have done it. 
5. Enforce all animal ordinances.  When AC goes to any household for any reason, ask to see a current Rabies certificate.  Issue citations with fines for violations of any of the ordinances.
6. Work with local rescues on a TNR program for feral cats: trap them, spay/neuter and then release them back. 

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Bill in Massachusetts Legislature re: Chaining

No, it's not in North Carolina.  I wish it were.  But it's still good to know that the anti-chaining movement is alive & well and growing.  Here's a link to the info:

It's interesting to see the groups that oppose the bill.  Bizarre is more like it.   They sure can't be opposing it out of concern for the chained dogs.  So why would any person or group oppose such a law?  Money? 

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Foster Home Needed

This is Annie, currently being boarded at a kennel because there haven't been any foster homes available. 

She's 18 months old, has had her vaccines and will be getting spayed this Wednesday.  

Annie is a happy girl and needs to be in a home.  Until her owners surrendered her, she'd spent her days 24/7 at the end of a chain. 

She weighs 52 pounds and still acts like a puppy.  I guess she's making up for lost time.   

Please pass the word. Contact:furever_angels@yahoo.com


Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Can Anybody Help Foster Annie?

Annie is a 18 month old girl taken off the chain and owner surrendered last week.  She looks like a Lab/mix, is very sweet and weighs 52 pounds.

We had a rescue group for her but not a foster home.  She's currently being boarded at a kennel.  She's safe but she needs more than she can get at a kennel.

Annie needs someone to spend some time with her, take her for walks, teach her the basic commands and interact with her.

Perhaps someone could at least take Annie out of the kennel for a weekend?  If you can help in any way please email: 

It's okay to post and cross-post this plea.  There has to be someone out there with a little room in their home & heart for this girl.

RIP Romeo ♥

You all remember Romeo from when we first saw him living in the "air conditioner enclosure", utterly neglected.  His sister Valentina made it out to rescue.  At that time we didn't have a foster home available for Romeo but we starting looking.  Then the owner said he'd found Romeo a home.  We didn't know if he was sold, given away or what.  A week or so later we found Romeo, chained next door.  A chained puppy!  Fortunately this time we had a rescue group with a foster home available and off he went.

Over the weekend Romeo came down with Parvo, the dreaded disease that can strike with lightening speed.  And it did.  Within 3 hours of showing symptoms Romeo was at the vet's office.  Everything was done for him.  Sometimes despite everyone's best efforts, there's a higher power at work.  Romeo passed away this morning. 

He wasn't in foster care long, only about a week.  In that time though, Romeo got to experience all the things a puppy needs; good food, a warm bed, fresh clean water, toys and the freedom to run & play.  But best of all Romeo got to experience love and lots of it.  Romeo was truly loved by the lady who rescued him and his foster mom.   

This sweet boy will be missed.  We send our prayers as he crosses the bridge. 

Monday, March 5, 2012

A Few Thoughts

I read all the comments before posting them.  So long as they're not crude, foul or in some way deranged, I post them. From the comments, I'm aware of people's frustrations with the conditions of many of the dogs in Monroe.  Some people get mad at the dog owners, some get mad at law enforcement, and some get mad at the dogs!  What's the solution?  
I decided it was time for a fresh look at the AC Ordinances.  Problems abound. 

The AC Ordinances were last updated in 1999.  
In the year 2000 the population of Monroe was roughly 24,000.  
In the year 2009 the population was 33,400. 
Let's take a look at some ordinances.

1. "It shall be unlawful for any person to locate, keep or maintain on any lot or parcel of land within the corporate limits more than two dogs over four months of age......."
Some people have complained because kennels were placed at homes with more than 2 dogs.  Would anyone like to be the one picking which dogs should be taken and killed?  No.

I have an idea on how this could be handled.  It's called "grandfathering".  It means those pets owners would be allowed to keep their dogs BUT they'd have to agree to spay/neuter all of them.  Remember, the Humane Society will do this for free. 
What do you think of this idea?  I'd like your feedback.

2. "Female dogs in heat shall be confined in such a manner as to prevent them from attracting other dogs." 
This is a good law but what do you do about a pet owner who doesn't let his unspayed female run loose but still breeds her? Hmm.  Perhaps a mandatory spay/neuter law is the way to go.  Any breeders would have to register with the city.  It's a thought. 

3. "It shall be unlawful for any person to allow an animal enclosure of any nature to become unsanitary or allow mosquitoes, flies or other insects and vermin to breed therein." 
I look at this law and get visions of the bug man coming out to count mosquitoes or look for rats.   

4.  "No owner or keeper of any dog shall permit such dog to run at large or cause a nuisance to any other person."
This is a good law.  Barking dogs would fall under this one. 

In reading through the AC Ordinances three times, there's really not much else worth mentioning.  There's not!  These ordinances are so pitiful and so lacking that it dawned on me what's happened. Not only are there dogs on chains, we've got law enforcement in chains because they don't have the ordinances they need to help the dogs. 

It's time to rewrite the ordinances.  The police and/or AC go out when we call them.  But they can only enforce the laws that are on the books.  It's past time to write new ordinances.  Opinions?

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Houston, We Have a Problem

Remember the "air conditioner" puppies?  Well, momma dog is looking pregnant again.  Our big dog expert volunteer was just driving past the house and shot the pictures you're going to see.  The pictures say it all so I really don't need to write much.......but you know I will.

Is she supposed to jump up onto the air conditioner to eat?

Don't miss the fact that the fencing panel is just leaning against the house.  Waiting for when the next litter is 4 - 5 weeks old?

Some doghouse, huh?  It's off it's base, leaning backwards.  How much protection from the rain did this dog get?

Is she thirsty?  Too bad for her.  Hungry?  Tough luck for this girl.

In case anyone forgets, AC was AT THIS HOUSE about 2 weeks ago.  Why were they there?  See the next picture. 

I mean, who keeps their puppies like this?  There were 3 pups in that makeshift enclosure.  He gave away or sold the black one.  The other two, Valentina & Romeo, made it to rescue but not before he gave Romeo to the neighbor and we found him chained!!!

I asked our volunteer if she's sure the momma dog is pregnant.  Without a doubt, she's sure.  She told me she'd first filed a complaint with AC when the owner put the above puppies in that nasty enclosure when the babies were only 4 - 5 weeks old.  The momma dog would lay next to it, on the outside, trying to let them nurse through the fencing panel.  Is AC going to let this happen again?  Is society?

Here's what needs to happen:
1. The owner needs a citation and a fine.  Hell, if you can arrest him for neglect, do it, handcuffs and all.
2. He owner surrenders the pregnant dog OR the city confiscates her.  Enough already.  Get that dog out of his hands.
3. This pregnant dog is NOT to be gassed at the county shelter.  No way, no how is she to be killed.
4. We're going to need a few days to find a rescue able to take a pregnant Pit.  Give us the time.  We want her to go from the holding part of the shelter into rescue with no fees!

Remember, this owner has 4 adult Pits: 2 females, 2 males.  He asked us for kennels and Igloos.  He was told the only way we'd do it is if he'd agree to spay/neuter his dogs.  The Humane Society of Union County will do this at no charge to him.  He refused!!

Now consider this: those 10 x 20 kennels cost over $400 EACH.  Add a large Igloo to that and you're over $500 per dog. If he turned down over $2,000 in kennels/igloos, don't you have to wonder just how much he's making from breeding his dogs?   

This has to end.  Now.

Letter in Today's Enquirer Journal

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Rocky: Another Dog Unchained!

A reader wrote in last week about an emaciated Boxer tethered with no food or water.  What should she do?  I told her to take pictures from the street to document the neglect and call Animal Control (in the county).  She went back with her camera!  This isn't a good shot but it's good enough for you to get the idea; tethered dog, no water, no food.  Sadly that picnic table had nothing on it for him.  Garbage was strewn about.  A dog house with no shavings.  On an emaciated dog, it's not easy on his body to lay on wood. 

As frequently happens, when the lady was taking the pictures the owners came out.  They gave her the dog! 

His name is now Rocky and the lady & her husband are keeping him.  He's been to the vet and was found to be heartworm positive.  Darn.  He will get treated.

Here's Rocky in his new home with a soft, clean, cushioned bed.  Look at that picture.  You can count his ribs and his vertebrae.  He only weighs 47 pounds.  

Rocky,  you're safe now.  Your guardian angel arrived! 


Here's Annie, a Lab/mix, 18 month old female living out her life on a chain in isolation & total squalor. Her left leg is there, it's just tangled in the chain.  She has water; she just can't reach it. She has a dog house; it's just not fit for a rat.  This is the dog that has/had the rope burns on her neck.

We brought her a brand new Martha Stewart red collar, but even good old Martha couldn't make things look good.  The collar was filthy dirty in no time.   

Annie was taken in to rescue by Furever Angels.  But no foster homes are free. With no foster home available, Annie's being boarded at a kennel.  It's a very good kennel, it's just not the best place for Annie.  For a dog who was used to isolation, being one of many in a kennel is not the best.  Annie needs a foster home pronto.

Can you help this sweet girl?  She'll remain under Furever Angels but you will be the foster mom.  She needs a foster home where she's the only foster dog so you'll have time for her.  If you have another dog, that's okay.  We just don't want a foster home that has a pack of dogs. 

Annie has had her vaccines, is heartworm negative and has had a fecal test done.  Her spay will be done through Furever Angels.  
Her disposition is very sweet, she rides well in the car, does well with children but no cats please. 
If you can foster Annie, please send an email to: furever_angels@yahoo.com   
A comment that came in about Annie:
I have been with Annie more than several times, but the best time was when I had the opportunity of releasing her from her chain. This happy, loving, trusting and grateful dog loved giving kisses and was very cooperative driving to the Vet's office.
Annie is a medium sized dog who travels wonderfully in the car.  She's curious about all the new sights and smells that exist otherwise from living solely on chain.

She is a beautiful Lab mix that is alert, gentle and very loving. With the right person or family, and a little patience with Annie, she will make a very loyal, dedicated and loving addition to the right home!

Friday, March 2, 2012

13 More Dogs UNCHAINED today!!

Despite the rain, it was a busy day for some lucky dogs in Monroe.  13 dogs were taken off their chains and given roomy kennels with Igloo doghouses.  

I'll have pictures tomorrow with a more complete update.  Tonight, our volunteer is understandably exhausted. 

Check back tomorrow. 

Thursday, March 1, 2012


1. Our large dog expert went to see the dog on Temple & Euclid.  She said this dog is on a runner that's properly installed.  He has plenty of room to run and move around.  NO problem there.

2. In the 3 weeks since we started this project we've taken 17 dogs off their chains and placed in roomy kennels.  The owners agree to give us the chains when we loan them a kennel.  Yes, if there's a stake in the ground, we even take that.  I used the word "loan" because when the owner no longer needs it, we'll place it with another home.

Of the dogs taken off chains, 4 of them were given up by their owners and placed with local rescue groups.  

3. We've got another "unchaining" day coming up.  Will post details when I have them. 

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Another Neglected Dog

Update Wednesday 10am:
Read the comments under this post.  Another address just came in.  It's in the Monroe city limits. 

Update Wednesday 8:30am: 
A comment just came in.  So that nobody misses it, here it is:
Starving chained dogs are behind the house on Franklin Street & Weddington Road, beside the railroad tracks. As you turn on Weddington Road off of Franklin street look to the right at the little white house next to the street in the back yard, chained to trees. Not only are they chained they are starving - even a blind man could see that! 

I think this is just outside the city limits and is in the county.  If so, county AC needs to check.  County, the laws are on the books.  If you find the dogs are starving, it's time to start arresting the offenders. 

Project Slum Dogs receive the following email tonight.  This is in Monroe:
Trying not to cry....My husband and I ate at El Valarta tonight and as we were coming down Temple Street that turns onto Euclid, my heart just dropped...the first house on the corner of Temple and Euclid had a large brown dog ( maybe a boxer) chained up in the back yard...what was heartbreaking was the chain only allowed to dog to sit...could not lay down because the idiots that chained him/her up, chained him to the darn boxing of the house!!  I don't know if this was just a one time thing, but the way that dog looked at me broke my heart...I wanted to stop so bad, but knew better....Can someone check this out?

This does not need to be called in; it's been done. A lieutenant with the Monroe Police Department HAS been notified.  The police WILL check it out. 

As heartbreaking as this is, at least many people are now becoming aware that there is help, in Monroe anyway.  If we at Project Slum Dogs hear about a neglected dog, we will notify the police immediately.  Count on it. 

ps.  Folks, please start bringing a camera with you when you're out & about.  You never know when you'll need it.  A pictures speaks a thousand words.  When you see something like the email above, take a picture.  Don't go onto the property though.  Take the pictures from the road.  Zoom in and get close-ups too.  Send 'em this way.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Sunday Update

1. We made national news again.  Check out this great article.

2. Since the blog post went up last evening about yesterday's phenomenal unchaining day, we've had 957 hits in less than 24 hours!
An FYI, in just under 3 weeks this brings the total hits to 6640.  

3. Romeo, the Pit puppy has been moved to foster care.  Thank God.  You have to know when JoAnn saw him yesterday and realized it was Romeo at the end of that chain, she nearly died.  The skunk who owned him had told her he'd been adopted.  Yeh, to a neighbor's chain!  Fortunately the new owner was happy to let him go. Romeo has now had a bath and played with his sister Valentina.  They had a great time together.  He's safe.

4. We've got foster care lined up for the 8 Doxie/mix puppies.  At the moment the owner is saying she'll only give us 3 or 4.  We'll see.

5. That leaves the Lab/mix girl.  We know there's someone, some where for this girl.  Right?

Saturday, February 25, 2012

14 Dogs UNCHAINED Today!!

What a day!  It started at 8am and didn't wrap up until after 6pm.  Monroe's Enquirer Journal sent a reporter and photographer.   WBTV was there with a cameraman. We thank them. 

I'll tell you all about the day. First, some justly deserved acknowledgements:

1. JoAnn B. our amazing volunteer who coordinated today's massive efforts.  Seriously, I don't know how she did it.

2. Lowe's Home Improvement store in Monroe, NC who donated ALL the labor.  Special thanks to Mark, Cameron, Brandon & Tyler.  I'm pretty sure I'm missing a name and I apologize for that.  These men were fantastic and worked a near 12 hour day. 

3. The Monroe Police Department and their Animal Control.  Today we were escorted from home to home by Captain Beth Greene, Lieutenants TJ Goforth, Renee & Javier and one whose name I believe is Paul.  All I can say is that Monroe is VERY lucky to have people like this on their police force.  A few words that come to mind to describe them: kind, caring, compassionate, hard working and funny too.  

4.  Last but not least, our anonymous guardian angel who paid for everything; the kennels, igloos, food and chew toys!!  We're talking thousands of dollars, all to help these chained dogs.  What a blessing. 

Now, to tell you about the day.
Our first stop was to the home of Snoop, the Boxer.  You may remember him from his picture a couple weeks ago.  He was a miserable looking fellow, stuck on a chain with no way to exercise.  
Today Snoop got a 10 x 20 kennel and new Igloo dog house.  Look at him now.
The first thing he did was mark his pen and dog house then he rolled around before he settled down with a new chew toy.  His stubby little tail didn't stop wagging!  His owner was told about the Humane Society's offer to neuter him for free.  She'll be calling to book his appointment. 

Next stop a few streets over where we went to give an Igloo to a dog in need.  While we were there we noticed a puppy chained to a porch across the street so we went over.  The lady said we could take the 1 year old dog, chained at the side of the house.  This is a 1 year old Lab/mix, as sweet as can be.  
When we looked at her we saw she's got a rope burn (!) on the underside of her neck with a few spots already raw.  When I came back to the house I got a new cloth collar for her which the police lieutenant will bring over.  We are feverishly working on a rescue for her because the owners will turn her over to AC on Tuesday.  That means the gas chamber.

From there we went to the home of the chained white Chihuahua.  You might remember her from a couple weeks ago when we wondered if she were pregnant.  There's no wondering any more.  I can't even imagine a dog having puppies in such a nasty pen.  

She got a new large kennel and Igloo house.  Look at her now. 

In case you're wondering about the chains.  All were given to us in exchange for the dog kennels, igloos etc.  We weren't taking any chances that those chains would be used again. 

Inside this same home were 8 Dachshund/mix puppies.  This is where they're living.   The owner has promised two so that leaves six.  She's agreed to give them to rescue.  WBTV News was there and filmed the puppies.  Its dire that we get a rescue for these puppies now.

They're 7 weeks old, short legs and absolutely darling.  Here are the six pups with three of Monroe's finest!

The next stop was a home with 4 large chained dogs.  We put the 10 x 20 kennels up like townhomes so they've got shared walls, so to speak.  While the men from Lowes were installing the kennels the dogs all got chew dogs to keep them busy and happy.  The dogs were about to experience real happiness.  
Check out this video of the dogs when there were taken off the chains and released into the kennels.

 Before we go to the next home we thought you'd like to see the
chains that were removed from the 4 dogs.  These nasty looking things weighed over 16 pounds.

At this point we had 6 dogs off the chains and still had 8 to go!

Next it was off to a home with 6 chained dogs.  One of them is a nursing momma with four 3 week old babies. Yes, we all know there's an ordinance limiting the number of dogs to 2 but what were we to do?  Pick two dogs for kennels?  Send the others to the gas chamber?  No way.  They all got kennels!

Remember the "air conditioner" pups from a couple weeks ago? 
The female was given into rescue and will be adopted this week.  The male puppy, named Romeo, was given away by the owner before we could find a rescue to take him.  

Guess who we found at the house with the 6 chained dogs?
Romeo!  Chained!! 

Rescues, the new owners will give him up.  We need a rescue now.  Please help.  He's totally sweet and desperately needs someone / some group to give him a chance. 

This home has the momma and four 3 week old pups.  They've agreed to give up 2 of the puppies.  Again, we need a rescue for the 2 babies.  They need to go in 2 - 3 weeks.  For now they're nursing.  Please, there has to be a reputable rescue somewhere out there who will take two Pit babies.  I believe they're both female. 

The 6 chained dogs are all in roomy kennels now.  If you look to the left of this picture you'll see how they were living.  To the right you'll see the kennels lined up townhouse style. 

The chains from these 6 dogs were so heavy that when I put them in bags to take them away, they were so heavy I couldn't carry them.  I think they had to weigh 40 pounds easy.  I can carry a 28 pound container of cat litter with no problem but I could not carry those chains.  One of the men from Lowe's carried them for me.  They will NEVER be used again.

The day was getting late but there was still one house to go.  The final two dogs of the day: UNCHAINED.   Two happy dogs and a grateful family.  We have found one for one that people are happy to see us and want help for their pets.  We're glad to help!

That's all for today.  We're not done and will be back.  For now, we need rescues for the litter of 6, the two 3 week old Pit pups, the Lab with the rope burns and for Romeo the Pit pup. 

We're all amazed at what can be done on a grassroots level.  Incredible things happen when caring people come together to better conditions in their community.  It doesn't get any better. 

Friday, February 24, 2012

The Word is Spreading!

We've gone national.  Check it out:

This is great PR for Monroe, NC.  We hope the City Council will take the ball and run with it. 

NOW is the time to pass some same animal welfare laws.  To start:
1. Ban tethering.  Just ban it.  Now.
2. All dogs must have adequate shelter.
3. It's time to address the issue of people in welfare housing breeding dogs.  Sorry if this is a sensitive issue but it must be looked at.
4. It's time to hold slumlords accountable for the blight they're allowing on their properties.  Why are slumlords allowed to offend everyone and degrade the city's image just so they can make a buck?  It's time to pick up the garbage and unchain the dogs!

Make sure you check back tomorrow.  We've got an incredible day coming up.  The press has been notified.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Alert: An Imposter?

We have received two reports from law enforcement that a woman, or perhaps two women together, are going to homes in Monroe telling people if they have more than two dogs that they must get rid of them.  This woman even went to far as to tell one pet owner who had puppies that she should kill the puppies!! We have no idea who is doing this.  Whoever you are, you must stop immediately.

Because of what one pet owner was told by this woman, today he surrendered two of his dogs to animal control.  You know what that means in Union County: Gas Chamber.

If anyone knows who is doing this, we want to know.  Don't try to stop this woman, just get her description and vehicle tag number.  We will turn it over to the Monroe Police. 

It is important for everyone to know that in less than two weeks the following has been accomplished:
1. Dog houses are in the process of being given to those in need at no charge.
2. The fence company was out today measuring for pens for those in need at no charge.
3. The Humane Society of Union County will spay/neuter dogs over 40 pounds at no charge.
4. The Monroe Police have brought shavings to dogs in need at no charge.
5. There is a volunteer who has been visiting the pet owners in the company of Animal Control or the Monroe Police.  This volunteer doesn't go alone, is there solely to HELP and has been well received by the pet owners.   A dog owner will never be told to give up their pets.  Never.
6. One Pit puppy was willingly given to rescue.  An adoption is in progress.  

We are making great progress.  The dogs are getting helped.  We do not want a rogue "do-gooder" to spoil relations and stir up trouble in the community; the pets will suffer.  

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Sunday: Quiet

It's been quiet for a few days and that's okay.  This week things will be back in gear.  

The fence company will be coming out to measure for the pens / fencing.

Remember, Tuesday evening at 6pm is the City Council meeting. 

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

We Have FREE Spay/Neuter

♫ ♪ ♫ ♫ It's music to our ears too!! ♫ ♪ ♫ ♫

The Humane Society of Union County is offering free spay/neuter for dogs over 40 pounds.  That fits Project Slum Dogs perfectly. There will be no charge to the pet owners for the spay/neuter.  

Our volunteers will be telling the pet owners who to call etc.  Here's a link to the Humane Society's Monroe Low Cost Spay Neuter Clinic right here in Monroe.  How perfect is this!!

Thank you Humane Society of Union County!!

Monroe City Council Meeting: Next Tuesday

Tuesday, Feb 21st @ 6pm
 Location: City Council Chambers located at City Hall, 
300 West Crowell Street, Monroe, NC 28110

Note: It's starts at 6 so if you wish to speak, get there a few minutes early to sign in.

Note: This blog has been up for just one week.  It's had over 4500 hits and has basically traveled the globe.  We are making progress thanks to some fabulous volunteers, an Animal Control officer who really cares and the Monroe Police Dept who are of great help when they're called.

But how did things get to this point?  What needs to change on a city level?  There are many other questions.   

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Incredible Update plus a Plea

1. An anonymous donor has offered to donate an Igloo doghouse and hay to any dog in need.  As I type, a Project Slum Dogs volunteer is going out with Monroe Animal Control to check with the dog owners to see if they want an Igloo for their dog.

There is one catch though.  The anonymous donor will not reward people who keep their dogs chained.  Bravo!! The dog has to come off the chain in order to receive the Igloo.  If the owner agrees to unchaining their dog, the donor will give them a 10 X 10 dog kennel!!

2.  Now to the plea.  This little pup is a pure bred Pit, going back 4 generations.  Yes, the owner who surrendered her to a Project Slum Dogs volunteer told of her pedigree.  I know we don't care about pedigree but the point is that this pup needs a rescue that's Pit savvy.  Please, pass the word.  Her temporary foster mom named her Valentina.  She's 12 weeks old, working on her  housetraining, getting crate training too and is as sweet as they come.  Please HELP.

Project Slum Dogs has evolved faster than any of us imagined.  Looking back it wasn't unexpected that people would owner surrender their pets.  We need rescue help.  We are not a shelter or even a rescue group.  When we find an owner of a neglected dog or puppy is willing to surrender the dog, we will put the word out to rescue.

Sunday, February 12, 2012


This just in from a viewer:

Air Conditioner Puppies

"I went to the home with a Captain & an Officer of the Monroe P.D. who were MORE than accommodating to me & overly concerned about the welfare of this situation as well as all we have reported and many more."

"In any event, the owner was willing to surrender the 2 of the 3 puppies free and clear. One of the puppies is rehomed. Currently I have the girl."  ----------->

"There is a boy at the premises & the owner still wants to surrender the male as well. I told him we need to set up fosters/rehoming for him before I can come back."

I believe the pupppy will be inside, but I cannot be certain... I will also need a rescue for the female that I currently have as well. The puppies are approx. 12 wks. young, wormed & UTD on their vaccines & deflea'd believe it or not. The Captain & I saw the receipt which the Owner needs to show AC." 
"I am asking at this time for your help in rehoming these two (2), pups ASAP."


Update on the Bragg Steet 3 Pits

A comment was sent in with an update.  I don't want anyone to miss it so here goes:
"Just to let everyone know, the police did respond to Bragg Street in reference to the pitbulls. 
The Captain and a Lieutenant spoke with the dogs owner. The dog chained out front stays inside most of the time and the dog in the backyard his pen had been moved over to a dryer spot. The dog house was put back in the pen and the owner was going to bring him in for the night. The third dog had a blue barrel house but nothing inside. The officers went and bought shavings and put them in the house for the dog."

I'm so relieved.  When I went to bed last night I worried about those dogs.  Thank you Monroe Police Dept for taking care of this.

Folks, you are making a difference; a huge difference.  And just think, we've only just begun. 

Saturday, February 11, 2012

A Comment For ALL to Read

This is very important in light of the response the woman got today when she phoned the Monroe Police Dept asking for someone to check on 3 Pits.  She was told they'd leave a message for AC when they returned on Monday.  Mind you, she told them the dogs had no food, no water, two were chained and none had doghouses AND that it is going to be the coldest night of the year.  She insisted they do something and she was put through to "the Chief". 

Here's the comment:
"Yes, don't ever let them tell you that it has to wait until Monday. If it is the weekend, the police are supposed to investigate all calls concerning animals, and if necessary they will call out an animal control officer.

However, for future reference, this is what a police patrol officer told me to do: you should call this number 704-289-1591 rather than calling the police directly. This number goes directly to a 911 operator and the police are absolutely required to respond RIGHT AWAY when you call this number, no questions asked.

Also, if you live in one of these nasty neighborhoods and wish to remain anonymous so that you do not become the target of your nasty, hostile neighbors you must tell the 911 operator this. And, please, all you people who live in nice middle class neighborhoods and have no idea what it's like to live in these areas must realize that people who live in these nasty neighborhoods are indeed compromising their safety if they call the police on their neighbors. This is REALITY and this is why some of us wish to remain anonymous, and why we are also grateful for you people who don't live here who are helping these dogs. Thank you."

This Just In: AC Needed on Bragg St.

Update 2:15pm:
This was just phoned in to the Monroe Police Department.  Per the person who phoned it in, initially she was told that they'd leave a message for AC, that they'd return on Monday.  The caller insisted and was put through to a woman, "the Chief", who said she'd personally go out to the house.  Fingers crossed.  

This was received from a reader:
At 806 s Bragg St. 3 pitbulls living without shelter, fresh water, food.  Chained to tree and front porch. One in small fence in yard without shelter. Basic needs are not met, 0% love or affection. Thank God for this blog.  Animal control has been to this house before.

This has been called in. We don't want to swamp the police department with phone calls.  We do want AC to go out there.  Does anyone have a phone number for AC?  

On another case, a reader wrote in yesterday that she'd called the police over for obvious animal violations and the officer called AC.  She said AC arrived promptly, was very courteous and met with the owner.  

It's going to be very cold tonight. NO dog should have to sit outside freezing without even a dog house.  Remember, chained dogs can't even go to a warmer spot; they're stuck. 

As I keep saying, the finish line is not in sight.

Project Slum Dogs: In The News

Monroe's Enquirer Journal, front page.

Here's a link:
Go to the top right of that page to sign up to read the article.  It's free and easy to do.  It will allow you to read the articles on the front page.
We're very happy that our local paper ran the story.  We think she did a fine job reporting the laws that were not being followed.  We also appreciate that she cleared up confusion regarding how many dogs a person in Monroe may own that are over 4 months of age.  The number is 2.

Sadly, it doesn't appear to be against any law to make a family pet live in filth, chained up inside a pen.  Why have the dog in the first place?  Why not just get a stuffed animal? Is a chained dog, inside a pen getting daily "vigorous exercise"?   Is anyone enforcing that law?

Project Slum Dogs isn't about tattling on negligent owners.  It is about trying to improve conditions for the pets in our community if  the owners aren't doing it.  And we will continue.

There's no finish line in sight.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Is This AC's "Best" Work? You Decide

Remember this picture from a couple days ago?  There are three puppies in a makeshift "pen" which is made up of a panel of fencing up against the house and the air conditioning unit.  Their nasty doghouse is turned on it's side making it useless.

Yesterday AC went to the home.  We were very happy about this and thought the puppies would finally be treated with some humanity.  

Today, one of our trusted volunteers went to take a look at the new & improved living conditions.  Or so we hoped.

Here are the puppies today.  We see two changes:
1. The nasty doghouse has been turned upright. 
2. There are now feces on top of the air conditioner unit.

Since when did it become a divine right to treat family pets this way?  

Why is the Monroe City Council allowing this? Why are they allowing degraded pets owners to treat their dogs this way?  Tell us!   Don't they realize it degrades the entire community to have this in their backyard?  What is stopping them from passing a law to forbid such treatment of pets? 

Does anyone have contacts with any national groups?  If so, now is the time to contact them.  

Please continue to email and call the contacts in the right sidebar.  If we let up, they'll smile and go back into a state of being comfortably numb.   

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Dogs Who Need HELP on Friday

First Stop:
There are fates worse than death.  Look at the face of this Boxer and tell me if you don't think he's living proof.  This poor dog has that look of total resignation to a life of misery. 

He's living a life of hell in the 1100 block N. Johnson and  Icemorlee St in Monroe.  The person who took the picture said, "He has a chain of about 4 feet, ribs showing and filthy food and water bowls with a moldy & broken down doghouse.  He was very territorial when the picture was taken."  You can hardly blame the poor fellow for being territorial.  I mean, what does he have in life?  A toy to play with?  No.  A dog bone?  No.  So what does he have?  NOTHING and no help from society either.........until now.  We simply can not tolerate this kind of animal treatment in our community any longer.
If that's not bad enough, we know of at least TWO reports that went into Monroe AC about this dog and the conditions have not changed.  Why not?????

Did AC even go out?  Did they demand this dog be given clean water?  Food?  How about a blade of grass to walk on?  Look at that filthy, nasty excuse of a dog house.  Come on!!

What kind of standards does this set for the city?  For the county?  

Is this owner of the Boxer on public assistance of any kind?  This may be a sensitive subject but I'm bringing it up anyway.  From all appearances it doesn't look like the dog's owner can afford to keep this dog.  Wouldn't you agree?   Can the owner even afford to care for herself much less a dog?  It sure doesn't look like it. 

Next Stop: Kerr St. Monroe---
It's a dead end street.  When you turn onto the street, go about half way down (there are only about 10 houses), look to the right for a medium green house.  Bingo!  If you get there early enough, the crowing roosters will let you know you're at the right place.  That's right, roosters & chickens.

Go in the back yard and guess who you might find.  The JRT/mix, year old pup. You'll remember him from his photo in the first blog post.------->

If you look closely at the picture to the right, you'll see his little face peeking out next to the red plywood. --------->
I don't know if this is the same pen or a different one.  Could one family really have two such nasty enclosures?  Who keeps a family pet in these conditions?  I mean really, who does this?  Why is the community allowing it? 

Ask the owner to see the 9 puppies in the house.  Will they be banished to that nasty pen before long?  Ask to see the Rabies certs of the JRT/mix and the mama dog.

If they tell you they've got a dog house, ask to see it.  Take a closer look at what our volunteer saw. -------->
If they try to tell you that's really a skylight at the top, just arrest them. 

While you're there, make sure you go next door to the house on the left to see the  pregnant (?) Chihuahua.  She's out back, chained up in a pen.  Ask to see her Rabies cert too.  How about just confiscating the dogs???  Enough already!

Note to the City Council:
We know you'd like to revitalize downtown Monroe.  It would be nice to have some new businesses come in, wouldn't it?  Get the idea of a business thinking of relocating here but first sending in an exec team to check out the city. What would those execs think if they saw the pets we've shown in this blog?  What would they think if they saw roosters & chickens running free?  I'll tell you what they'd think.  They'd think they were in Haiti.  
Do something to fix this!  

Remember, keep checking back.  The finish line in not in sight.

To The Press

Project Slum Dogs was contacted by two tv stations today wanting interviews.  Both requests were declined. The reason for turning down the interviews were:

1.  We are not the story.  We are the messengers; the voices for the abused, neglected pets.  We will decline all interviews, tv & print.

2. The abused, neglected pets are the story.  So are the city & county that have allowed things to deteriorate to this point.  That's the story; The neglect & suffering of animals despite laws being on the books that would have prevented it if someone enforced those laws.

3. We wish to remain anonymous.  There is a large degree of safety in remaining so.  This way we don't have to deal with the anger of the abusive owners.  

4.  We know we've ruffled some feathers in the city government, including animal control, and by remaining anonymous we don't have to deal with them either.  Disclosing our identities would entail a large degree of trust which we don't have at this point.  We're delighted AC went out today to clean up East Ave but they have not regained our trust.  Does anyone really expect us to trust people who have let the animals of our community suffer for God knows how long without doing anything about it until we published this blog?   
Next item:
To the Monroe City Council: Read the comment left in the previous post.  There are only 3 comments so it's easy to find the one I'm referring to.  It's the long one.  You need to read it.

*Later tonight I'll post the areas AC needs to go to tomorrow. 

Remember, the finish line is not in sight.